Her·o·ine (noun \ˈher-ə-wən, ˈhir-, ˈhe-rə-\) - 1:a. A mythological or legendary woman having the qualities of a hero. b. A woman admired and emulated for her achievements and qualities.


Whenever, I see those sections for "About Me" on social websites, I never know what to write. I mean, back in the late 90s, it used to be fun because it was new, but now I've done it so many times it's just not so nice. At one point, I used to copy and paste the same information on several websites. But then I felt guilty because the writer in me said that I could at least try to be original. But also, I just don't like to talk about myself so I'd like to use this page to post pictures of my life so all of you can actually see who I am. Enjoy!

Me and my brother with my two nephews, Aaron and Austin.
We were on our way to the Hard Rock Cafe in Myrtle Beach.
This is my other nephew, Tyler.
Trying to boogie board on the coast. It wasn't very successful.
Me and my boyfriend at Bonnaroo [Music and Arts Festival]
Me and my roommates at a little get-together.